President's Reports

Dec 11, 2013

December 9, 2013

The results of the Canfor acceptance ballot have been counted, and it is a resounding NO to the memorandum that was reached with the assistance of Mediator Cameron. We had no doubt after our meetings conducted with the large portion of the members from the Canfor operations that it was going to be a rejection. They were adamant that the five/ten split shift and the competitive clause had to be removed from the agreement. They also are looking for additional compensation. Bro. Bob Matters has contacted Canfor to set up a meeting to resume bargaining as result of this rejection. This meeting has been set up for Tuesday, Dec 10th.
Bargaining with our mine at Endako is still ongoing. Our members delivered a strong strike vote in support of the bargaining committee’s position which moved the employer to improve the offer.
We had a meeting at the Labour Relations Board as a result of our filing unfair labour practices against the employer. This was resolved with us returning to the negotiating table which brought some additional money to the members, it still left concessions on the table. Endako is now back demanding a final offer vote on a lesser agreement than their last offer.
Organizing within in the Local continues to occupy considerable time and opportunity for us. We applied for a certification of the Taylor Pulp mill (Canfor), in Taylor for about ninety employees. The vote was conducted last week and we lost by four votes. During our organizing drive Canfor offered up a 3 percent increase and 75 cents for tradespersons retroactive to May 1st, also 500 dollars cash.
We are back for another vote for the Brûlé Mine, a division of Walter energy. This is going to be a mail in ballot for the members. Here is hoping we are successful in bring in 140 new members.
At Willow Creek, another division of Walter Energy, we are hoping to have another run at the pit crew and a first attempt at the plant operations.
In the New Year employees are going to be hired at Conifex Power, a power generating facility that will produce power for the hydro grid, as well as the Conifex operations in Mackenzie.
The construction at Babine continues to move along with a few more employees being brought back to work
This week we are meeting with Lakelands to talk about their construction time lines.
Our Brothers and Sisters at NEWPRO are having significant layoffs as a result of us losing a contract for production of Melamine shelving.

The officers and staff would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Respectfully submitted
Frank Everitt