Interior Forest Workers Vote 66% in favor of New Agreement

Dec 19, 2013

Interior Forest Workers Vote 66% in favor of New Agreement

Over the last 2 weeks, USW members from Local 1-417, 1-423 and 1-405 have voted on the proposed IFLRA Agreement. The membership of the three Local Unions have voted 66% in favor of the new Agreement.

The new Collective Agreement provides thousands of interior forest workers a general wage increase of 13% over 5 years. In an attempt to encourage Trades retention, trades rates will increase by 23% over the term. This agreement also contains $3,400 in lump sum payments over and above the percentage increases. In addition USW members will receive Significant improvements to Health and Welfare benefits too numerous to list in this bulletin.

The Agreement will see Employers increase pension funding by $1/hour. Combined with employee contributions this new funding will ensure members will receive the pensions they have been promised. It is also an investment in the future for younger workers.

The last Agreements that provided increases equal or better to this agreement were in the 1980’s. Member’s who worked in the 80’s will recall that those agreements were only possible after a number of lengthy strikes during that time period.

This Agreement would not have been possible without the support and solidarity of the Union Members on the plant floor. Thank you for your support during this difficult fight.

Marty Gibbons
President USW 1-417
Office 250-554-3167
Cell 250-319-2844