Road To Becoming A Journeymen Millwright

Mar 17, 2014

Road To Becoming A Millwright Journeyman

Dave Christianson

As a 4th year apprentice and preparing to write for my TQ and IP exams in the back of my mind was possibility of failing and do I have all the skills necessary to pass. For four years I worked towards the goal of achieving a trade’s certification which was not easy for me or my family. Contacting the NST program was a wise choice and provided me with the advice and tools needed to build up the skills needed to achieve success. Having confidence in yourself proved as important as the studying because you need both to succeed. Today I am a journeyman Millwright and greatly appreciate the assistance that I received and hope that more of my fellow workers will also be given the chance to enter into an apprenticeship. The trades are in demand and knowing the opportunity for apprenticeship will be available helps keep good workers with the potential to make excellent tradesman.

Again thanks for the assistance