Update Information for Wolverine Mine Members

Oct 20, 2014

October 16th, 2014 


As you are aware, we were approached by Walter Energy to meet at the Labour Board to attempt to attempt to resolve all our outstanding issues with the assistance of a Mediator. When the Company requested this meeting, they said they were prepared to pay one (1) tour to resolve all outstanding issues. It was made clear to Walter Energy that one tour would not be enough to resolve all our outstanding issues. They still suggested we meet.

We met on Friday, October 10th. Our first issue was to attempt to find out what they meant by one tour and what was included in the one tour. For example were they including the $500 working in the North Allowance, 7% for the RSP, 5% for the Stat Holiday Pay, did their offer include vacation pay. It is our position that all monetary items in the collective agreement should be paid to you as a result of the decision from the Labour Board.

Our position to the Company was to pay Employees three (3) tours or to make member fully compensated for people who worked after April 16, 2014. The Company responded to us by saying our proposal was too high and asked us to modify our position. And we did, we lowered our offer in an attempt to settle all issues only to have the Company respond to us by saying we were still too high and wanted us to lower our offer again. We said “No”. The ball is in your court to respond. The Company never responded again. With that, the meeting ended. It was our position to accept one tour was not proper compensation for our member who did not work at all between April 17th and June 17th and may not have received money from EI either.

Other issues that are still outstanding are;

We will also be defending against the Employers appeal of our Section 54 decision from the Labour Board.

Thank you for your support as we carry on with these efforts.

If you have not sent us the paperwork we have requested, please do so as soon as possible.

In solidarity,
Frank Everitt
Frank Everitt
President, USW 1-424