Work and Progress on Wolverine Mine Grievances

Sep 25, 2016

This has been a most difficult process for both the Union staff and members as we wind our way through this legal process to bring financial justice to the members of Walter Energy Wolverine Mines. Dan Will Business Agent for Local 1-424 and the District legal team have worked nonstop to fight for the members from Wolverine Mines. We have had many excellent results from the proceedings to date "Said Dan Will, we fully understand the frustration of the members and their families as we are faced with the same. Our objective in this legal court process is to achieve the very best results for the members involved. We are hopeful to have some more concrete news in the coming weeks that will bring this to a conclusion that's beneficial to the membership and brings some just compensation. We have not given up and have a staff of lawyers and advisors working to achieve a just end and ask for the continued support as we move to a conclusion to this process.

Dan Will

PLEASE note that KPMG has sent out claim notices to all our members and the information must be returned by October 5 th . If you have not received your claim notice, contact the Local Union ASAP.