BBQ Tolko Soda Creek and Lakeview Hit with Members

Oct 10, 2017

Officers and Staff treated members to a great BBQ and a taste of President Brian O’Rourke’s famous Chilly on September 27 and 28th. All shifts were covered the planers, sawmills and shops apart from weekend Maintenance shifts which received some great pizza. 

The local Union has made a practice of conducting these BBQs for several years throughout the local Union and try to hit three to four operations per-year. It’s an excellent opportunity for officers and staff to mingle with the membership and have a little conversation ‘’Said President Brian O’Rourke. Financial Secretary, Don Iwaskow takes the lead in preparation for these events, which takes a lot of organizing when your having six BBQs in two days at all hours and times to coincide with shift schedules.  With help from committee members our BBQs happen without a hitch and always well received.